Businesses around the world are trying to maximize the efficiency of their real estate portfolios. Whether you rent space in a single location or have real estate investments in dozens of countries, optimizing the value of "bricks and mortar" is a complex matter requiring high-level business and legal support.
There is risk in what you do — and what you don't. Acquiring new office space. Disposing or leasing property. Investing in real estate across borders. Whatever real estate challenge your business faces, it is important to manage it in a way that optimizes returns and minimizes costs and disruptions.
At Fakih Law, we understand the issues and the stakes. Our practice includes experienced lawyers who are familiar with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, and the provision of security in commercial, retail, industrial, residential and mixed-development markets.

Our Services include:

  • Acquisitions, dispositions and exchanges — Buyers and sellers of commercial property benefit from our knowledge of local markets and advice beyond basic legal requirements.
  • Commercial leasing — We advise landlords and tenants in commercial and leasing activity.
  • Real estate management agreements – We assist both real estate owners and service providers in the operation and management of a real estate asset, such as advising on asset management agreements, real estate agency agreements and mandates, building management agreements, and various outsourcing agreements.
  • Real estate finance — Lenders and borrowers depend on us when financing real estate transactions, negotiating loan portfolio sales, workouts, and loan syndications and participations. We advise sellers, issuers and underwriters on all aspects of commercial mortgage securitizations and apply our real estate, corporate and tax knowledge to advise on the creation and operation of public and private funds investing in real estatee.
  • Real estate tax — We work with Tax Professionals to advise on how to structure and plan transactions to minimize state, national and international tax exposure.
  • Planning and land use – We advise on local land use regulations and help on the preparation of permits and approvals prior to real property development.
  • Development and construction law — We advise on all stages of the construction and development of real property.
  • Construction litigation – We represent clients in construction law litigation, such as claims under construction contracts or surety bonds. 
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